Radiant Wellness Conclave 2015

About Radiant Wellness Conclave

The Radiant Group is organizing the first of its kind Wellness Conclave in Chennai.

The objective of this Not for Profit Conclave is to address various lifestyle issues like physical, mental and social health in an individual’s everyday life. The conclave promises to give an individual solutions to various issues by bringing them face to face with people who have dealt with similar challenges and have overcome, by dealing with them with fortitude and courage.

As a terminal objective, the Conclave intends leaving an individual,who is physically present or can connect through our digital initiatives, feeling rejuvenated, motivated, energized and positive.

The Radiant Wellness Conclave, which is the outcome of 2 years of meticulous planning by renowned Wellness Expert Dr Renuka David, was conceived keeping in mind the need for immediate corrective preventive measures. Lifestyle diseases are today becoming a Global Epidemic and these mental and physical challenges have a catastrophic potential, building into major challenges like decreased self-esteem and depression leading to in extreme cases, even suicidal tendencies.

The Wellness Conclave – 2015
The Conclave would be featuring the following:

We will be addressing Young India on 22nd August 2015 at Hyatt Regency with a series of important “need of the hour” issues over 4-5 panel discussions, where- in, local and national inspirational speakers will address the delegates, which will comprise of 250- 300 young people from colleges, corporate executives and young entrepreneurs. Ms. Nandita Das, a well-known theatre personality and intellectual will address Young India in the Valedictory segment. Other similar speakers and thought leaders including Principals of well known colleges, doctors, senior level Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs will also be participating in the panel discussions.

Formulated by Dr. Renuka David, Radiant Wellness is all set to create the magical connect clarifying and extending a helping hand to those who are determined to go and achieve great heights. Enter into a spectacular new zone of wellness where time and place of radiating wellness in our real lives comes to be a reality.

Topics that would be discussed over the panel discussions are :

  • Converting your Passion into your Vocation.
  • Dealing with relationships as college students, amidst the stress of academic excellence.
  • Escaping work pressures by getting into addictions like smoking, drinking, drugs or digital.
  • Emotional Wellness be it work- life balance, or addressing gender issues in a male dominated work force.
  • Breaking beauty stereo.
  • Inspirational talks by Malvika Iyer, Sarath Babu and the twins Nungshi and Tashi.
  • Awareness of good healthy lifestyle to prevent the early onset of lifestyle diseases and non communicable diseases.

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