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Sri Kumaran Stores is launching an exclusive collection of “THANGA PATTU” sarees made with famous Kanchipuram silk sarees with 72 grams of gold ornamentation design decorating the golden drape. This exclusive saree collection will be launched at the Chennai fashion show with the actress and Miss India international model Rochelle Roa modelling these premium sarees.

Sri Kumaran Stores, a preferred destination for Silk Saree Shopping is now presenting Thanga Pattu – silk saree overlaid with 72 grams of gold ornamentation. A feat that proudly proclaims the craftsmanship of the Kanchipuram weavers, the Thanga Pattu – which translates to golden silk – is a work of art that takes 14 days to complete. Verily, a labor of love. This, is a first not only in Chennai, but for all of India. The Tanga Pattu is a remarkable testament to the artisanship and imagination of ethnic weavers.

The saree features two variations of overlay – the peacock & the butterfly. The motifs are representative of nature’s two most beautiful living creations and the joie de vivre that both represent.

Sri Kumaran Stores is renowned for the quality of its silk sarees, has now surpassed itself in an accomplishment that will not just make heads turn, but set a benchmark for the rest to follow.


No 61, Usman Rd,
Parthasarathy Puram,
Thiyagaraya Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017,
PH: 044 2434 2744


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